Monday, March 28, 2011

Ring Around the Rosie

In the spirit of sharing, I figured I would post the pictures I've been working on since this Saturday. My model was tremendously helpful and didn't even wince at - what I can only assume - was increasing pain in her arms.

Here are my attempts at a conceptual portrait:
note: the first two images would be shown next to each other.

and just for fun:

Gig Time: Rye Rye/Diplo

I had another concert shoot this weekend, courtesy - as always - of The Newshouse [who, incidentally, haven't put any pictures up yet. Slackers.]. All kidding aside, it was a capital-C CRAZY show in SU's Goldstein Auditorium: complete with glow sticks, a baseline low enough to induce heart failure, and some quality music.

Check out stills from the show:

Rye Rye

Diplo of Major Lazer

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gig Time: Pete Yorn/Ben Kweller

The Westcott Theatre has some pretty impressive lineups once in a while. The odds are stacked against it, if you think about it: a) it's not very big, b) it's not very central to anything, and c) it's in Syracuse.
So color me thoroughly impressed when they hosted Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller last night.

I was sent to the show by The Newshouse (Newhouse school's multimedia web news source), but they haven't put up the pictures yet so, alas, I cannot post a click-through link. (I will, though. As soon as I have a link.)

[Update: Newshouse posted their link. Check it out here. They also linked back to the blog. Thanks!]

Experience the magic.

Ben Kweller

Pete Yorn